Kaifeng military boots manufacturers pride ourselves on the wide range of men's military purpose boots we offer,
which includes army boots, combat boots,
desert boots, tactical boots, jungle boot, and so on.


Kaifeng Equipment

Yangzhou kaifeng Shoes Co., Ltd. is specialized in design and manufacturer of functional  footwear,focus on quality personal protective footwear .Our boot are widely used in military, army task force ,security police ,law enforcement , emergency and outdoorsmen.

We made a complete production management and quality control system,meanwhile ,well integrated new development and marketing information to products . We got high reputation and recognized for 6 years from Saudi Arabia Military and Jordan force ,total quantity more than 500,000 pairs .And was awarded China genuine leather logo from government.

Our factory located in Yangzhou city ,Jiangsu province has more than 650 employees,land area of 60,000 square meters workshops and a building area of 42,000 square meters .3 advanced shoe production lines,800 sets of professional equipment and a laboratory for testing.

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Tactical Boots

Tactical boot - The special design for army and police man ,it's lightweight and comfort ready for hold ground against different environments and weather .

Desert Boots

The desert boot borned from the needs to suit camouflage uniforms in desert . It deliverys the safety and performance features , and the all-day comfort. It's our classic series boot

Combat Boots

At the top of the line, you'll find the Chase 10" Breathable boot . This all leather boot is comfort crafted to operate and perform under the toughest conditions. With its proven non-slip Chase outsole and its leather lining construction, you can emerge this combat boot into any situation and confidently on any kind of outdoor conditions .

Senior Officer leather Shoe